Archgoat - The Luciferian Crown Tape+Patch

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  • With grim reliability, ARCHGOAT discharge yet more pustulant diabolic foulness into a world increasing moulded in their image.

    ‘The Luciferian Crown’ is a frighteningly-focused vision of hellish corruption, unsentimental, morally abhorrent and steeped in a violent horror all too real.

    Since forming in 1989 ARCHGOAT have revolved around an inner circle all their own, refining their idiosyncratic primitivism - ‘The Luciferian Crown’ is a mirror crushed against nature, a portal through egocentric decadence into the pile of tortured corpses in your psyche.

    Pro manufactured black cassette. Each tape comes with high quality woven patch. Limited to 200 copies.

    Released by Inferna Profundus Records.