Behexen - By The Blessing Of Satan Digi CD

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  • Very raw but still reasonably well-produced, violent with a destructive atmosphere from beginning to end. The vocals alone sound like they're coming from the depths of hell, and the music is like being run over by a train. The style here is rather old school, mixing a lot of influences, namely some early Marduk, Darkthrone and more recent Carpathian Forest for a little bit of "Black 'n Roll" passages here and there.

    With 7 songs clocking in at nearly 48 minutes, one would expect some filler but no, there's not a boring moment here and makes you wish the album wouldn't be over so soon - it doesn't feel like 48 minutes. Overall the album is fast-paced although it does slow down here and there for a moment of slow, crushing aural torture. This is what I'd consider a safe blind purchase. Recommended if you like your Black Metal raw, violent and unpolished.

    8 panels digipack CD. 2020 re-issue.

    Woodcut Records