Darkspace - I 2LP

  • Darkspace - I 2LP

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  • Black 12" double vinyl (33rpm) in deluxe gatefold with embossing and new art inside.
    First pressing 1.600 units worldwide!

    DARKSPACE's first album "Dark Space I" was originally released in 2003.
    It is considered one of the most influential albums in the genre, marking the arrival of a new form of Atmospheric Black Metal with a combination of heavy guitar riffs and electronic samples that create a dark and oppressive atmosphere.

    Cult ambient black metal pioneer DARKSPACE (ft. Members of Paysage d'Hiver + Sun of the Blind) is now reissuing its complete discography, which includes four full-lengths and an EP, via Season of Mist!
    Dubbed “The Most Mysterious Anonymous Blackest Black Metal Band,” the enigmatic Swiss trio is known for their hypnotic and otherworldly sound, which has greatly influenced modern atmospheric and cosmic black metal as we know it today.

    Season of Mist.