Dødsfall - Kronet i Svart Eld CD

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  • Dødsfall deliver old school Black Metal masterpiece with V-REX (ex-ANCIENT, ex-AETERNUS, ARVAS), ISHTAR (MOONLIGHT), GRAVE (INFUNERAL, ex-ONDSKAPT). Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio (RAGNAROK, MARDUK, OFERMOD, THE LEGION). Magnus Devo Andersson from Marduk also guest playing and Necrosadist from Sorcery/Patronymicon guest vocals on “I Skuggans Famn” and Fauk from Hordagaard wrote the satanic poetry to “Inn I Fjellets Dypeste Dyp”. A must have for every complete Black Metal collection.

    Unexploded Records.