Furia - Nocel CD

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  • Fourth full-lenght from the Polish experimental black metallers FURIA! The band have been dwelling within the Polish black metal underground for a period of time in which this enigma have clearly spearheaded themselves as one of most prominent acts within the scene. “Nocel” consists of 8 brand new morose and mournful hymns that displayed a scenario where fury and hatred are the two dominating emotions. They rumble gloomily and yawn with methane.

    1. Opętaniec
    2. Ptaki idą
    3. Zamawianie drugie
    4. Niezwykła nieludzka nieprzyzwoitość
    5. Nigdy i nigdzie
    6. My bełkoczą
    7. Beze mnie
    8. Ogromna noc

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