Graavehlder - Naturmystik i Midsommartid CD

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  • Graavehlder as a musicproject developed last year with the reason to highlight more or less known, old but also new traditional ballads from Sweden that has influenced me through time and wanted to do it my way, but also share it to you since people seems to appretiate my demo track of Graavehlder. To fully be able to publish and support these songs under my name I had to make some changes both musically and lyricly. It's not about taking credit for these masterpieces or upset the conservatists for having "slaughtered" these songs. It's only tributes and I prefer them this way. If you support this financially it will fully be a focus on releasing a cd/ lp version on BideVindMusik when it's possible... and perhaps an upcomming album will be recorded. Ofcourse I will release this album for free atleast on Youtube so you then can decide wether you want to support it or not.

    "-Naturmystik I Midsommartid" is about Swedens old moral foundations, the love between man and woman, the folklores concerning the natural "supernatural" in our forests, thoughts about life after death and the pride of being blessed growing up in this area, love for family, our nature that barely are left today and the pride of being a part of the history of Norrland. Hope you enjoy the music and celebrate summertime like children.