Gryftigaen - Wurmwaldgaistoz CD

  • Gryftigaen - Wurmwaldgaistoz CD

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  • Wurmwaldgaistoz lashes out firmly as a collision between two vortexs of cathartic worlds, the frenzy of hysterical dark cacophonies complement each other through the intricate inverted eyes of the Drakon, once again this obscure entity delivers from the other side of the rotten shells a dissonant sounds, overwhelming in many ways and grants an magnanimous orchestration to embed it in his current compositional methodology. Gryftigæn since his last tombstone titled "Fehunðyrdauðr" achieved a certain impact due to the prolixity of his sound, structured by crystalline/dying melodies and astonishing ferocity... today "Wurmwaldgaistoz" collects the rotten seeds of this path and sacrifices it in an apotheosic cold and allegory full of archaic mysticism, there is no breath so puritanical in this Ode to the realm of the dead, there is no limit to glimpse an ominous and philosophical occult odyssey anointed in the royal blood of hysteresis and vertiginous walls of sorrow...

    Jewel case. Limited to 200 copies.

    Inferna Profundus Records.