Immortal - The Northern Upir’s Death Pic LP

  • Immortal - The Northern Upir’s Death Pic LP

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  • This compilation includes the only self-titled demo of the band from ’91 when they still played dark death metal, the infamous self titled EP from ’91 and 2 rehearsal-songs from ’92.
    All carefully remastered for this DSR reissue by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony.

    Officially licensed from Immortal.

    2nd pressing.
    180g vinyl, 333 x Pic.LP, 12-page 12“ booklet, A2 poster.

    Incl. download-code.

    Side A:
    1. Suffocate The Masses
    2. Enslaved In Rot
    3. Left On The Stake
    4. Outro

    Side B:
    1. Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (Intro)
    2. Unholy Forces Of Evil
    3. The Cold Winds Of Funeral Frost
    4. Blacker Than Darkness
    5. Unholy Forces Of Evil

    Darkness Shall Rise.