Kūka'ilimoku / Aarkanne - Ele'abyssus LP

  • Kūka'ilimoku / Aarkanne - Ele'abyssus LP

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  • A dark alliance emanates from the unknown abysses to deliver a direct and fury-filled death attack.

    From the volcanic bowels, passing through the southern cold, this split between Kūka'ilimoku and Aarkanne frames a journey full of nocturnal mysteries, transmutation and nationalism, thus filling the corners of the decadent Earth with an oppressive and chaotic atmosphere encapsulated in 6 hymns of pure and raw Black Metal

    -180gr. Black vinyl. Limited to 150 copies.
    -350gsm. LP cover with matt lamination. Black inside flood.
    -LP sized insert
    -Black poly-lined inner-sleeves
    -Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves

    Inferna Profundus Records.