Living Altar - Scythes Towards Psyche MCD

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    Living Altar - Scythes Towards Psyche MCD

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  • As the trend of the so-called Bestial Black Metal passed into the oblivion, only a handful of international bands remained concerned with and passionate about the abrasive sonic violence. While not directly identified with this scene (especially various thoughless goat-worshiping, gas-maskedjoke bands), Lithuanian LIVING ALTAR stands firmamong the entities that continue to draw inspiration from and present its own interpretation of such values. The band started as a three-piece and took a few years to compose first songs, which later materialized in a demo „Universe of Thralls“ (2015, Gravplass Propaganda), which due to the severe limitation sold out quickly. The demo was characterized by a fully live recording, rough sound that was able to provide the right atmosphere and to effectively demonstrate the first sparks of creativity and determination. Further two years were dedicated to conceive, record and produce new audial, lyrical and visual material.

    Enter the “Scythes Towards Psyche” EP. Possessing much greater attention to the whole dark aura, as well as the details, the EP demonstrates an achievement in musical, poetical and aesthetic evolution. To quote a recent interview, “the new EP is more varied from the arrangement side, but without losing the poisonous atmosphere and wrathfulness. It is faster and slower at the same time, songs are longer, yet they effectively fulfill their own vision. I'd say that the new material is more thoughtful and not as straight forward in its message, but the musical form is way more punishing and ugly”. The new EP should be viewed as a holistic piece of metal art inspired by the images of a psycho-spiritual world.

    Consisting of six crushing hymns, “Scythes Towards Psyche” EP is to be unleashed via Inferna Profundus Records (jewel case CD) on the 12th of February and Rat King Records - UK (pro-pressed tape) soon afterwards.

    1. Blindening Shower of Light
    2. Invert the Hearts
    3. Universe of Thralls
    4. Altered States
    5. Dawn of Shadows
    6. Nekrokatarsis