Manilla Road - Playground Of The Damned CD

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  • After 30 years of playing the very best Heavy Metal around, you'd think Manilla Road would finally slow up and write a bad album by now, right? After all these years they have yet to write something bad! And on top of not writing anything bad, Manilla Road always trys to re-invent themselves with every album they create. This album is no different. Seriously, when you hear this, you'll think Mark "The Shark" has written his thick-est and fat-est riffs to date. I mean really, this stuff sounds like Candlemass trying to write a Manilla Road album, or for you know-it-all Manilla Road fans, this is more along the lines of "Hammer Of The Witches" type riff oriented songs throughout the whole album. I'm completely surprised with the direction of this album. I wouldn't call it a Doom Metal album, but it has some really Doom-y and off-the-wall moments. In the end, it sounds like Manilla Road.

    Shadow Kingdom Records.