Midnight Betrothed - Bewitched By Destiny's Gaze Digi CD

  • Midnight Betrothed - Bewitched By Destiny's Gaze Digi CD

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  • One of Australia's underground gems, Midnight Betrothed creates magical and incredibly captivating art. Whether you call this Sombre Romantic Black Metal or Neoclassical Necro Synth, the music on this demo compilation is as unique and utterly fascinating as it gets. When we came across these demos it was instantly clear that we had to make them available to a wider audience via our Underground Series.

    Thus, "Bewitched By Destiny‘s Gaze" compiles the first two Midnight Betrothed demos "To Follow Your Spirit Into The Night...", recorded in Summer MMXX, and "Indulgence In Eternity", recorded in Winter MMXX.

    Both demos were originally released on cassette format by Atrocity Altar.

    All instruments performed by The Seer.

    The first press of the CD comes as Collector's Edition in 6-panel Digipack, limited to 500 copies.

    Northern Silence.