Moon's Veneris / Roman Monastery - Hymner Til Mørket LP

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  • A one curved blade penetrate the rotten womb of cursed pestilence, the darkness of the perpetual night offer of this sacred realms of sorrow. The coagulated blood of the sinister tyrant. Oh majesty of sorrow, brings the glorious winds of crimson petals upon the black altars. Nocturnal wispers of malicious entrance of mysterious skies... shining horns of this dark sanctuary of perpetual sorrow, luminous apparitions between the sinister possessions of the mist...

    The eternity of ancient spirit of the Vril...

    -180gr. black vinyl limited to 100 copies / black/white limited to 50 copies
    -350gsm. jacket. reverse board print. black inside flood
    -LP sized insert
    -Black poly-lined inner-sleeves
    -Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves

    Inferna Profundus Records

    PRE ORDER: Shipping in the middle of January, 2021.