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  • Gatefold Double LP, cover printed on uncoated stock. 400 copies with black vinyl

    The stuff based on the rehearsal demo from December 1993, re-recorded at some different places in Frankonia in the year 1998.

    All music & lyrics during the years 1989 to 1994.

    "Introduction" contains a sample from the fantasy TV series "Xena - Warrior Princess"; the poem is an altered version of a poem from the sci-fi TV series "Space 2063". It also contains a fragment of "Mystery" taken from Lord Wind's album Heralds Of Fight.
    The story told at the beginning of "Amarok - Zorn Des Lammes" is taken from the German version of Neil Jordan's movie "The Company of Wolves" (1984) and was also slightly changed/cut.

    Inter Arma Productions.