Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness Pic LP

  • Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness Pic LP

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  • Beautiful Picure-LP in quality 3 mm record-sleeve with insert-sheet!

    Slayer... Iron Maiden... Bathory... Venom... it’s all mixed into one giant bag here. The playing is tight and militant, the vocals are scathing as razors and the production is tight as a drum. I’d even say that these guys are what Venom would have been had they went to music school and actually worshipped Satan! Marching... evil... deadly... these boys really do have it all. Nifeleim are a nasty bunch of black metal bastards who deserve your money and attention. The guitarwork is amazing, the vibe is nasty as fuck and these boys obviously took the best aspects of Venom as seriously as they should have. It’s rare to find a band with such skill and ass-kicking power still praising the black arts. Recommendable in these times of basement quality black metal mindlessness.

    Hammerheart Records.