Nocturnal Prayer - Advance on Weakened Foes LP

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  • Nocturnal Prayer bring forth old school sounding black metal with their blend of bleak rawness and majestic melody. Spreading their disease in the winter of 2019, Nocturnal Prayer has been quickly upping their arsenal and unleashing their ferocious onslaught of Canadian black metal on to the underground.

    Advance on Weakened Foes is a compilation LP consisting of the first two demos "Grim Sermons of the Nocturnal Prayer" and "May You Lay Waste To Astral Gods With Star Disintegration". With 10 tracks of haunting guitar, anxiety-laden drums, pulsating bass, and unearthly vocals, Advance on Weakened Foes is surely a release to invoke the bestial spirit.

    -180gr. black vinyl (250 black / 50 white)
    -350gr. jacket with matt lamination
    -Inside black flood
    -Black poly-lined inner sleeves
    -Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves

    Release date April 2th, 2020.