Old Castles - Die Wampyriskra Symphonie LP

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  • A strange and solemn piece of ancient art recreated in the Raw Black Metal & Old School Dungeon Synth. A demo, initially recorded in 2012 in a primitive analogue way, and an unreleased Dungeon Synth demo, recorded the same year, make a joint album dedicated to the dark tyrants, with a unique and intricate purpose towards this monolith Relive once again the glorious and majestic melancholy, loneliness and eternal darkness with a fierce spirit of the Dark Ages ... those hymns consecrated to the mist of old forgotten kingdoms and black sorcery. Reverberant cacophonies from the shattered tombs are emanated to morbid sound of the raw black metal side, rotten and orgiastic feast of the black noise… devotees of vampyrism art.

    -180gr. black vinyl. limited to 100 copies / black-white marble limited to 50 copies.
    -350gsm. jacket. reverse board print. black inside flood
    -A4 insert.
    -Black poly-lined inner-sleeves
    -Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves

    PRE-ORDER: Shipping on early February, 2021.

    Inferna Profundus Records.