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  • PEKLA is a heavy rock’n’roll band from Lithuania, drawing inspiration from Motörhead, Tank, Venom etc., and old-school horror flix, with added social critique to the lyrics. Debut album DEGSIT! was recorded with a different singer and with quite a different sound, leaning more towards the likes of Accept and Judas Priest.

    The second album, SPEED’n’ROLL, saw the band fronted by the new singer and the sound oriented towards more straightforward speed metal/rock’n’roll.
    The third album, THE WITCH-BITCH OF HEXENVILLE, is an even more thorough exercise in straight-in-your-face heavy rock’n’roll.

    The latest album BOOGIE WITH SATAN, released in 2020, follows the footsteps of THE WITCH-BITCH OF HEXENVILLE, adding some more experimentation, influences from different musical genres and quest musicians to the formula.