Profanatica - Weeping In Heaven MC

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  • HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to release an exact replica of the cassette tape pressing of PROFANATICA's landmark Weeping in Heaven EP. As one of the very first American black metal bands, the name PROFANATICA should need no introduction, nor should their debut EP, Weeping in Heaven. Originally released in 1991 as a two-song 7" and then a year later as a four-song cassette that joined the main studio tracks with two live tracks, Weeping in Heaven rudely 'n' crudely introduced PROFANATICA to the nascent black metal underground, which was just starting to take root in Europe but had yet to develop with any potency over in the United States. This EP distilled the band's essence into a swift 'n' sacrilegious statement of intent: primitive, pounding, unrelentingly unclean and UNREAL. Thereafter, PROFANATICA's legend (and infamy) would grow... HELLS HEADBANGERS now unleashes Weeping in Heaven in its original, ultimate guise - as the four-song tape from 1992 - with every effort made to preserve the integrity of the original pressing.

    Hells Headbangers.