Revenant Marquis - Below The Landsker Line CD

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    Revenant Marquis - Below The Landsker Line CD

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  • REVENANT MARQUIS "Below The Landsker Line" CD to be released via Inferna Profundus Records on March 21th, 2021.

    Revenant Marquis returns from the sequestered gloaming of Pembrokeshire’s Black Circle with a tome of rituals that truly invoke the malevolent in this world, and the next.

    The line between the land, and the heavens, the spirit and the flesh are lanced in a harrowing union that honours the Devil, and his servants.

    "Below The Landsker Line" is an unhallowed sacrament to be partaken with apprehension or with worship.


    1. Haverfordwest
    2. Children of the Grand Abyss
    3. Beibl
    4. Geist Unbaptised
    5. Under the Hand of the Master
    6. Dianc

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