Satanic Warmaster - Nachzehrer CD

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  • Comes with a 12 page booklet featuring all lyrics and band photos.

    After five years of darkness, mayhem, arrogance and torment, the most gruesome and offensive Finnish Black Metal anathema returns with a new album for 2010. "Nachzehrer" shall devour your putrid corpse disharmonized by 40 minutes of Black metal in the purest, agless nordic tradition. Concurrent wolfish anger and dismal sorrow create a true symphony of the night, only magickal and timeless in essence...

    1. Intro
    2. Satan's Werewolf
    3. Vampires
    4. Warmaster Returns
    5. One Shining Star
    6. Bestial Darkness
    7. Rotting Raven's Blood
    8. Utug-Hul

    Werewolf Records.