Spider God ‎- Den Inre Borgen / The Interior Castle CD

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  • Den Inre Borgen/The Interior Castle’ is the first in a trilogy of EP's from English one-man project SPIDER GOD based on Ingmar Bergman's classic film trilogy of 'Through A Glass Darkly', 'Winter Light' & 'The Silence' known collectively as ‘The Faith Trilogy’

    SPIDER GOD states: ‘The name Spider God comes from the 1960 Bergman film, Through a Glass Darkly. It’s about a schizophrenic girl’s descent into madness, thinking she hears voices behind the wallpaper and believing that God will appear to her through an open door. In the climax of the film she is confronted by the entity, only to discover that it has appeared in the form of a huge, menacing spider that crawls into her body. It’s an enigmatic and complex image of transcendent evil that somehow fit with the musical aesthetic I was going for.’

    Throughout the EP we are bombarded by duelling guitar riffs that weave between dissonance and harmony, melodic and energetic bass lines, furious blast beats and raw vocals, a sound heavily reminiscent of the Scandinavian sound of the 90’s and akin to modern powerhouses such as Vèhèmence & Ungfell. The raw and punky attitude felt here will also appeal to fans of the newer wave of black metal projects such as Kommodus & Lamp of Murmuur. However, even fans of post-punk legends Joy Division will still feel at home here.

    The EP is bookended by two ambient passages that are interlaced with samples from Through A Glass Darkly in which we hear the films lead actress, Harriet Andersson, at various stages of her descent into madness - from despairing screams to intimate and soft spoken word passages these two pieces are a true representation of the diversity and unease you come across in this 22 minute journey.

    Repose Records.