The Committee - Utopian Deception LP

  • The Committee - Utopian Deception LP

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  • Their style combined with exciting stories has lifted THE COMMITTEE out of the masses in the Black Metal scene.
    They do not tell the story of the victorious powers, but the story of the forgotten.
    Dedicated to conspiracies and the merciless ruthlessness of wars. It continued in 2017 on their also highly praised second work "Memorandum Occultus".
    In 2020, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, THE COMMITTEE returns to the scene to add another chapter to their history book.
    "Utopian Deception" is a new story that leads into the depths of the human mind where social engineering prevails.
    Accompanies THE COMMITTEE on a journey whose path is marked by the double standards, manipulation and twisted euphemisms of a new modern world.
    From the depths, the sick arms of evil and misery rise up to create a new world.
    A barbarian into which humanity is being thrown, leaving behind only scorched earth and brittle bones. THE COMMITTEE welcome the future today.

    Folter Records.