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  • If the raw Portuguese black metal scene has (rightfully) reaped renown or at least reverential infamy, then VETALA's third full-length strike shall be the sonic vomit to ruin everyone's day. For over a decade now, exploring the most depraved and transgressive corners of what BLACK METAL can be has marked this duo as nigh-on untouchable. Unrepentantly noisy, accidentally avant-garde, furiously FUCK OFF: although continuing the dark, disgusting work laid down by Black Circle forerunners Irae and Mons Veneris, VETALA have become an idiom unto themselves. And now, with the aptly titled Retarded Necro Demential Hole do the duo abase themselves and bow down before the all-consuming powers of ritual retardation; these four, nameless songs have no reason to exist, if only to rain feces on good taste and any and all conceptions of "black metal." In fact, it's so beyond primitive and artlessly improvisational, so nightmarishly unhinged, one could qualify it as PRE-black metal.

    Exquisitely twisted as always, clanging and crazed and amorphously wandering into landscapes far too perverse to grasp, Retarded Necro Demential Hole is the final punctuation, the last severed shred of sanity, for Portuguese black metal.

    Signal Rex.