Watashi Dake - Feral Tape

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  • Watashi Dake, which translates to "Only Me" or "Just Myself",
    is an experimental black metal project hailing from the depths
    of Transylvania, Romania. Combining the cold atmosphere of the
    homeland with improvisation, psychedelic passages and philosophical
    lyrics, the project was founded by R.S. in 2020.

    In alliance with Inferna Profundus Records, Feral is the first offering
    of Watashi Dake. The demo contains two songs, as well as a bonus cover
    track, composed and recorded in the summer of 2020. While speaking of
    failure, freedom and struggle, Feral is first and foremost a call to
    rebellion against the chains that imprison our true nature.

    Pro manufactured cassette. Limited to 66 copies.

    Inferna Profundus Records.