Woods Of Desolation - Toward The Depths CD

  • Woods Of Desolation - Toward The Depths CD

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  • Reissue of the band's debut album through Northern Silence. Comes with new artwork/layout.

    Everyone who discovered Woods Of Desolation only with the brilliant "Torn Beyond Reason" now has the chance to check out their excellent debut album as well. The original pressing of the CD, which was limited to a mere 500 copies, sold out quickly and is now a much sought-after collectors item. The same goes for the 300-copies vinyl edition.

    While the music may be harsher than "Torn Beyond Reason", the desolation their band name implies, as well as the melancholy and beauty of their most recent album, are also very much apparent in "Toward The Depths", and so the album comes highly recommended for Depressive Black Metal fans in general and all W.o.D. fans in particular.

    Northern Silence.