Svartthron - Bearer of the Crimson Flame CD

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  • The one man band Svartthron shook hands with „Inferna Profundus Records“ more than half a year ago, thus expanding its band list. Following half a year period since the deal was made, results show in the form of a 7 track unorthodox Black Metal album called „Bearer of the Crimson flame“. Tomhet, the leader of the project, described the sound of the album as Black Metal with elements of Doom Metal, therefore this release should be interesting not only for the traditional Black Metal fans.

    The album‘s appeal rises even more, because the vocals were done by Mordance, the vocalist of the Australian band PAROXYSMAL DESCENT. This must be the only album released in Lithuania to include a guest musician from abroad. Tomhet says: „despite the huge distance between me and Mordance everything went on very well. Mordance was very enthusiastic since the beginning and forged ideas for the concept of the album and wrote lyrics. The result amazed me – powerful and at the same time painful vocals, that create a misanthropic, angry atmosphere“.

    Its a deeply conceptual album about a one man‘s story. Different songs are like different stories with a prologue, culmination and resolution. Traditionally the negative atsmophere prevails in all of the tracks where lyrics perform an important function.